Taco Hut

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller A thick wooden door opens into a narrow entry way lined with Lucy memorabilia on one side and Aztec-era glass etchings on the other. The restaurant stretches into four separate dining areas, inviting patrons to sit, eat and be merry in its midst. Drifting scents draw diners in and keep […]

Sinclairville Superette

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller Gleaming wood paneling adorns the walls alongside cheerful banners, welcoming each customer to the establishment. Shelves chocked full of goods await each customer, whether a regular or a first time shopper. Harkening back to a simpler time, comfort and ease permeates every part of the little shop, chocked full of […]

The Bemus Point Inn

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller Despite the winter winds and blowing snow, a warm welcome awaits just inside the threshold. Delicious aromas greet each patron as they walk through the door, alongside cheerful greetings and always helpful staff. The chalkboard on the back wall announces each daily dish, from breakfast to dessert, with pride. Bedecked […]

Dorian’s Plus Salon

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller A long mirrored walk leads to an open sitting room, hung with a crystal chandelier. The walls depict a picturesque Roman scene, complete with white columns. A fireplace glows from the corner, casting a warm light over the waiting patrons. Guests wander in, greeted as old friends, and are guided […]

The Dinner Bell

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller Light dances off the wood paneling as guests chatter, enjoying the welcoming environment. Many sit around the long counter, experiencing the welcoming warmth of an old time eatery. A group of regulars convene often at this cozy hang out, calling their meetings “The Coffee Crew.” The fireplace is decorative, but […]

R & M Restaurant

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller Country music drifts in the background as patrons enjoy delicious platters of homemade foods. Quilts and Amish baskets line the walls, basking in the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. Placemats adorn the tables, depicting a map of local Amish establishments, alongside overturned coffee cups awaiting the piping hot brew. […]

Jamestown Hydroponics

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller Entering the shop, customers are greeted by vibrant, lush greenery, the friendly flora nestled into pots along the walls. Bright lights hang above planters filled with sprouts, awaiting transfer to the larger hydroponics system along the back. The shelves are lined with the products every indoor gardener needs; plant nutrients, […]

Mariner’s Pier Express

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller Warmth surrounds the comfortable dining area, with beautiful art work clinging to the walls, high café and dining tables gracing the floors. A large menu board declares the fare, bursting with scrumptious titles such as “Pasta Parthenon” and “The Venetian.” The aroma of freshly made soup drifts lazily through the […]

Fisher’s Family Restaurant

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller Sunlight shines gently through the large windows, filling the air with natural light. Soft chatter fills the dining hall, as owners Marlene and Mark Fisher chat happily with their patrons. Customers sit at the long counter, relishing in the comfort and ease of the restaurant. Lighthouses gleam from every wall, […]

Bair’s Pizza

Laughter beckons from within, partnered with the irresistible scent of freshly made pizza. A deep fryer sizzles deliciously as a basket of wings is lowered into its depths. The staff members are busy at work, creating edible masterpieces as they cheerfully sing along to the music playing in the background. Cozy chairs and tables adorn […]