Fresco Pizza & Wings

The glistening black facade is contrasts with the glowing neon lights hung in the windows. A bold and bright sign declares “Fresco Pizza”, as patrons bustle in from the cold. Owner Sergey Khodzhayam is very pleased with his new shop, inviting the public to come in and taste his excellent food. “We hope to make […]

Ecklof’s Bakery

The warm scent of fresh-baked treats washes over customers as they enter, enticing their taste buds and bringing back sweet memories. Joy abounds as hearty laughter is shared with friends at the lunch counter and throughout the shop. Decked out for the holidays, the bakery and café plays host to jubilant gingerbread folk, holiday flags […]

Novel Destinations

The walls are lined to the very tops with books: hardbacks, soft covers, cookbooks, and more – a veritable readers’ paradise. The warm and cozy book nook is decked out in literary style, with chairs in every room to aid readers in their browsing, as well as a fair dose of inspiration in the form […]

Babalu Cafe

Customers seek solace, comfort, and excellent fare when they grace the welcoming doorstep of this eatery. Glowing woodwork and a high polished woodgrain counter greets the eye, as the employees sound a hearty hello. The scent of delicious homemade goodness hangs in the air, as patrons happily enjoy their meals, wishing their lunch breaks were […]

Meals on Wheels

“That sounds great,” a pleasant voice says into the phone, eager to help. “I’ll take care of that right away.” Barrie Yochim, the Executive Director of Meals on Wheels in Jamestown, NY is on the ball, organizing and coordinating the distribution of meals each day to clients. “Every day, we are serving about 350 people,” […]

Belle-View East

Article by Katrina Fuller  Bright yellow and red beam in the sunlight, a lighthearted welcome into a well-established tradition in Falconer, NY. A comforting oasis of familiar faces, homemade foods, and cold drinks await just through the threshold, as patrons enter in to relax and unwind. If only for a lunch break or a quick meal, […]

AJ’s Texas Hots

Glass glitters in the sunlight, as noon approaches and the lunch rush begins. The scent of fresh cut onions and hot, homemade sauce greets patrons as they enter the door. Several tables are dispersed in the lobby, filled with eager customers enjoying the little diner’s fare. A long, white counter cuts the eatery in half, […]

Hometown Grill

Upon entering the door, a brilliantly painted rooster grins, welcoming patrons into his humble abode. Rows of booths, comfortable tables, and a wrap around bar greets the eye, as customers and staff alike give a hearty “Hello!” Behind the bar, a brightly colored mural of a ball field stands, portraying bleachers full of people, creating […]

Stedman Corners Cafe

Article by Katrina Fuller Nestled in the winding roads and countryside between Chautauqua Institution and Lakewood, NY, a haven of delicious foods, friendly service, and excellent coffee resides. Clad in forest green and an air of welcome, the coffee house is a sight for sore eyes – it’s very facade soothes the soul. From the […]

The Pub

Article by Katrina Fuller Crimson brick and glowing glass meets eye of patrons as they enter, a familiar sight in the heart of downtown Jamestown. Through the door, an expansive gleaming bar, intricate copper ceiling, and glimmering mirrors grace what once was marred by fire. The Pub has reopened its doors, greeting regulars and newcomers […]