Don’t Trash It

Article Contributed by Chuck Abraham Looking for the easiest and most convenient way to get your deposits back on your bottles and aluminum cans? Don’t Trash It is more than capable of accommodating you, and they now have two new offerings to boot. Don’t Trash It, located at 147 S. Work St. in Falconer, was […]

New Beginnings Family Restaurant

Article Contributed by Chuck Abraham Anyone looking for an excellent meal, a good cup of coffee and friendly conversation need not look any further than New Beginnings Family Restaurant in Sugar Grove, PA. New Beginnings is a family restaurant in every sense of the word. Larry and Sue Cole own New Beginnings, while their daughter […]

Farm Fresh Foods

Article Contributed by Charles Abraham In a day and age of national chains, big box stores and multimillion dollar corporations, Farm Fresh Foods at 703 W. 3rd St. in Jamestown stands out among its competitors as a locally owned and operated supermarket. When owner Dan Brown bought the store in 2014, he breathed new life […]

Brick City Market & Deli

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer Andrew and Amanda Anderson have been all over the world. They’ve seen big cities, small towns and third world countries. Through all of their travels, they noticed something about the busy city areas and decided to bring a new business to the downtown Jamestown area. Brick City Market and Deli […]


Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer Over 150 years ago, the city of Jamestown built their first Young Men’s Christian Association, or YMCA. Through Civil War and World Wars, the Y remained a part of Jamestown, and has expanded today to include the Jamestown Y, the Lakewood Y, Eastside Y, Camp Onyahsa, the Heritage House and […]

Save A Lot

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer “Amazing quality, fantastic prices, satisfaction guaranteed.” So says one of many signs that hang in the Save A Lot grocery store on Fluvanna Ave. It’s a motto that owner Dave Waller strives to live by, both at this store, and at the new one that will open on July 15 […]

Kennedy Supermarket

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer In days gone by, when malls didn’t exist and local shops served as a meeting place for neighbors, Earl Cross opened one of those local shops. He dubbed it Cross’s Red and White, an old corner store that stood at an intersection in Kennedy. Before he retired in 1971, he […]

Roberts Nursery

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer In May of 1868, the Grand Army of the Republic planned an annual “Decoration Day” to decorate the gravesites of fallen soldiers. They chose a day at the end of May so that flowers all over the country would be in bloom. Roberts Nursery, located at 3172 Dry Brook Rd. […]

Jones Valhalla Restaurant

The restaurant that recently opened at 306 N. Main St. continues 106 years of family tradition. Jones Valhalla Restaurant, formally Jones 212 Bakery & Café, opened its doors in November in its newest and largest location. “I wanted to move to a different situation…to show that the restaurant is moving forward and going above just […]

Fresco Pizza & Wings

The glistening black facade is contrasts with the glowing neon lights hung in the windows. A bold and bright sign declares “Fresco Pizza”, as patrons bustle in from the cold. Owner Sergey Khodzhayam is very pleased with his new shop, inviting the public to come in and taste his excellent food. “We hope to make […]