Cadwell’s Cheese House

90 Years of Fine Cheese

Jane Currie, owner and operator of Cadwell’s Cheese House

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Walt Pickut

Fine cheese comes in such a variety that cheese lovers can spend a lifetime getting to know all the varieties and flavors that milk and cream can become if properly crafted and aged. Jane Currie, owner and operator of Cadwell’s Cheese House & Gifts in Dewittville, New York, now represents three proud generations and 90 years of experts and craftsmen in that ancient art.

On Saturday, July 15, Jane will host a 90th Anniversary celebration of Cadwell’s role in local culinary history. The wide, green lawn surrounding Cadwell’s shop at 5392 E Lake Rd. will host live music by Diane Davies and her group, The Soft Touch, and at least a dozen local authors, including Jane Currie, herself an author of five books on local history and history-makers, with co-author Kathleen Crocker. Authors autographing their books, a local winery pouring many delicious local wines, and a full selection of Cadwell’s fine cheeses and gifts will be on hand between 1:00 and 4:00.
Political satirist, Mark Russell, is slated to drop by during the afternoon, too. Mark, who has dubbed Cadwell’s “The Dewittville Town Hall”, and Jane as either the town’s Mother Superior or Mayor, can always be expected to deliver a very funny stand-up routine for his Chautauqua friends and neighbors.

Between 1927 and 1947, Cadwell’s founders, the Cadwells and the Carpenters, decided the best use they could make of the milk produced by their 150 cows would be simply to dump and curdle it in their 400 gallon vat. Folks still stop by the shop today who remember as children watching the dairymen perform their creamy alchemy, eventually to turn out 10 huge wheels of 30-day-aged, full cream dairy cheese every day.

Although those venerable old-timers and founders “took their recipes with them”, and the cows were sold off long ago, Jane now offers a wide selection of every-day to exotic varieties. From New York Cheddar to red-wine-soaked Drunken Goat cheese and from Beer Kaese to Limburger and Swiss, with something for every taste in between, her shop will make this 90th anniversary a memorable event.

To learn more, visit Cadwell’s Cheese House & Gifts on Facebook, call Jane at (716) 753-7280 or just drop into the little white Cheese House in front of the long red barn, 5392 E Lake Rd., Dewittville, New York.

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