Bush Elementary School Presents Annual Talent Show

Bush Elementary School student, Laylee Kinney, performed a song at the Annual Bush School Talent Show.

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Jamestown Public Schools

Bush Elementary School held it Annual Talent Show with 38 third and fourth graders showing off their unique talents. The show included everything from jugglers to a ventriloquist act. The students also displayed drumming, jokes, piano, dancing and even solving a Rubik’s Cube to “Eye of the Tiger!” The talent show was the culminating activity as part of the school wide “Camp Read S’More” where students read for two weeks with an adult outside of the school day to encourage reading.
Bush Elementary School teacher, Nichole Mason, who organized the show, has had a passion for the stage from a young age. She has helped put on the talent show since 2005.
“Every year the kids amaze me with their courage and confidence to get up on stage and perform in front of friends and family! I want the kids to know that their talents are valued just as much as their academics!”
The students practiced nearly 10 hours over the past month to present the 90-minute show. The students committed to the practice at school, the time and dedication to practice at home, learn how to hold a microphone and enunciate their words and smile!
“I wanted to do the talent show so I could show people that I can play piano and I really enjoy it,” said fourth grader Spencer Hofgren. “I was a little nervous but I felt great when everyone said how great I could play!”
Hopefully, the talent show exposes the children to the stage and performance so they can walk away from the experience knowing, “They’ve got this!”