BPU Announces 2019 Energy Efficiency Programs


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Jamestown Board of Public Utilities

The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) approved its 2019 Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs for electric customers.  Three traditional rebate programs will continue into the new year. 

Home Energy Audit Program

Home Energy Audits in 2019 again will be offered free-of-charge through New York State’s “Green Jobs, Green New York” Program to New Yorkers with a household income below $112,000.  The BPU subsidizes the majority of the audit cost for households earning more than $112,000 annually.  The BPU also offers rebates for work accomplished at the suggestion of the audit.

A home energy audit analyzes the building envelope, heating system and electric consuming devices and is performed by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractor.  The audit monitors energy usage of certain electric appliances and evaluates air infiltration through the use of a blower door.  The audit reviews lighting, pipe insulation and the efficiency of hot water tanks, natural gas furnaces and boilers.   A report is furnished to the homeowner at the end of the audit.

BPU rebates cover twenty-five percent of the cost of weatherization improvements recommended by the audit with a $2,000 maximum limit per property for all residential electric customers; and fifty percent, up to $4,000, for customers who have used electric as their primary heat source for at least three years.  Rebates will be issued in the form of a check.

ENERGY STAR Rebate Program

The BPU’s 2019 ENERGY STAR Rebate Program, as in 2018, includes rebates for the purchase and installation of certain, new ENERGY STAR products as follows:  $35 for residential windows, $25 for skylights, $50 for residential entry doors and $50 for a Wifi-enabled thermostat. Central air conditioning units will be rebated at $100 per ton of cooling capacity.  HVAC heat pumps are rebated at $500 per ton of heating or cooling capacity. Geothermal heat pumps are rebated at $1,000 per ton of heating or cooling capacity. (Note: One ton of capacity equals 12,000 BTU.) Finally, heat pump water heaters will be rebated at $500.

Lighting and Motor Rebates for Commercial and Industrial Customers

The Lighting and Motor Rebate Program for Commercial and Industrial Customers also continues into 2019.

Commercial and industrial customers classified as service class 2 or 3 customers qualify for this program. Rebates help underwrite the purchase cost of permanently installed new LED light fixtures.  Occupancy sensors, variable speed drives, NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors, electric vehicle charging stations and HVAC equipment also qualify for the program benefits.

Portable equipment and labor costs to install equipment are not included.  

Any lighting or motor project that exceeds $1,000 should be discussed with Energy Efficiency Coordinator Dan Reynolds before a project begins, in order to ensure that the project qualifies for rebates.

Details on the three 2019 rebate programs are available by contacting Reynolds at 661-1646 or by e-mail: dreynolds@jamestownbpu.com.