Editorial – Nov. 19, 2012

Editorial – Nov. 19, 2012

OK, Give It Up That’s right, give something away…you’ll get something even better back. St Francis of Assisi said it this way, “For it is in giving that we receive.” Do you have enough so you can give to someone who has less? You probably do. Having vast wealth isn’t the source of generosity; it […]

Martz Observatory – We See Everything

The Martz Observatory in Frewsburg is committed to serious astronomy and to training tomorrow’s astronomers and encouraging hobbyists. The Association’s president, Gary Nelson, and the Association’s Board of Directors, have recently established an endowment (signing pictured above) to assure the mission and work of The Marshal Martz Memorial Astronomical Association will continue for future generations. […]

Editorial – Nov. 12, 2012

Hunting: Which Critter? The word “Critter” is a simple, old fashioned corruption of the word “Creature.” We search for creatures, we find them and we take them. Hunting critters is as old as mankind, and at this time of year we still practice it. For some people it is a necessity, for some it is […]

Editorial – Nov. 5, 2012

Bon Voyage Life is a journey, they say. If they are right, then the journey is as long as your life. Travel well. Are you taking the scenic route or the fast lane, a bumpy road or just landing wherever life dumps you at the end of every day? Mark Twain once said, “There was […]

The NorthSide – Business is Booming for Shoppers

Business is booming only four minutes from downtown Jamestown; the bustling NorthSide shopping Center is growing and thriving, drawing shoppers from all across the region. Whether shoppers want an eatery or jewelry, groceries or auto glass, antiques, books or goldfish, even a haircut, NorthSide is the new normal for shopping in Jamestown. Mayor Sam Teresi […]

Editorial – Oct. 29, 2012

One Less Rascal “Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure there is one rascal less in the world,” said Thomas Carlyle, famous Scottish satirical writer of the Victorian era. Carlyle was famous for pointing out our favorite little quirks, foibles and the “harmless” little fibs that usually trip us up and […]

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