Editorial – Oct. 1, 2012

A Fatal Journey Some things should die, but we feed them anyway. Take prejudice, for instance. Sometimes it masquerades as what we call “taste.” We say we don’t hate some things …they’re just not to our taste. So we stay where we are and never challenge a point of view we’ve grown comfortable with. But […]

Jamestown Rotary Exchange Student Reports Back From Australia

JAMESTOWN – Wearing a navy blue Rotary Exchange Student blazer festooned with badges, banners, trophies and memorabilia…even a set of fake kangaroo ears…and sporting his own authentic Ausie, Down Under accent, Nolan Wells thanked the Jamestown Rotary for sending him to the other side of the planet, to Australia. On Monday, September 10, Nolan addressed […]

Famous Fireball Run – Astronaut and Hometown Girl Find Missing Children

“You’ve blown the lid right off !” Fireball Run Adventurally planners told Lee Harkness after their 4-day visit to Jamestown. “Jamestown is way above expectations. We didn’t know anyplace like it existed in the U.S.A.” Lee Harkness, Executive Director of the Downtown Jamestown Development Corporation, was quoting Universal Studios Florida Executive Producer, “JJ” Sanchez, and […]

Editorial – Sept. 17, 2012

The Best of Times… The Worst of times… Charles Dickens began his Tale of Two Cities with those famous words. They’ve been quoted ever since—for 150 years—to describe the inevitable mingling of Good and Evil; neither is ever found without at least a hint of a battle against the other. What if you could enter […]

Jamestown Mattress – A History of Customized Comfort

“Once we could have sold you a mattress for $2.00,” Jim Pullan, Jr. told an audience of local business leaders recently. “It came stuffed with sea grass or horsehair with a cover woven from the same material. For $2.50 you could get it covered in softer cotton or wool. That, of course, was in 1886.” […]

A Scenic Walk Along Chautauqua’s Trolley and Train Trails

Jim Fincher has been telling people to “Take a Hike” for years now, and he shows no sign of changing his tune. “It’s good for you,” he says, “and fun.” Fincher is the Trailmaster and Executive Director for Chautauqua Rails-to-Trails, a group of more than 100 enthusiastic local volunteers reclaiming the abandoned train and trolley […]

Editorial: Sept. 10, 2012

The Great Outdoors There is an old New England proverb—and we can use it here—that says “The forest is the poor man’s overcoat.” So many modern necessities come at a high price that we often think the best things in life cost a lot. But maybe some of them really are free. Take the great […]

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