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Steve Sorensen of Russell, PA is an award-winning outdoor writer whose column, The Everyday Hunter®, offers hunting tips, strategies, and insights on how to think about hunting. His byline has appeared in the nation’s top hunting magazines including Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Deer & Deer Hunting, Pennsylvania Game News, Fur-Fish-Game, North American Whitetail, Bear Hunting Magazine and more. He contributes regular website content to Legendary Whitetails and Havalon Knives and is a field editor for Deer Hunters Online. Steve is also in demand as an event speaker, presenting programs on do-it-yourself Alaska moose hunting, whitetail deer, wild turkeys, and eastern coyotes, with new programs coming. E-mail him at EverydayHunter@gmail.com to invite him to speak at your next sportsmen’s dinner (or to tell him where your best hunting spot is).

The Rising Cost of a Hunting License

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen I confess. I’ll go along with the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s desire to increase the cost of a hunting license. I’m frugal. I don’t...

If There Be Mountain Lions in These Hills!

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Lots of people say mountain lions roam Pennsylvania and New York. Stories emerge from the Adirondacks, from northern Pennsylvania, and from other...

The February Turkey Hunter

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen It’s not too early to start looking for the place where you’ll tie your tag to the leg of a longbeard this...

Let’s All Head for a Cabin Fever Fest!

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Old man winter is here and cabin fever infects almost everyone, but the weather is not that severe, and you can enjoy...

Don’t Be Fooled

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Now that Old Man Winter has finally wrapped us in his bitter blanket of snow, we’re burning our firewood, using our snow...

What Is Taxidermy?

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen In the modern world we often hear people talk about topics they know nothing about. One of those topics is taxidermy. Taxidermy...

A Post-Deer Season Debriefing

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Now that firearms deer season has ended, serious hunters are already beginning to think about next year’s deer season and planning to...

Where Did the Deer Go?

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen A week into the firearms season deer suddenly became scarce where they seemed abundant just a week ago. A hunter can spend...

Forecast for Deer Season

Article Contributed by Steve Sorensen Rain, snow, wind, sun… we’re likely to have it all in western New York during the three week firearms season for...

Respect the Land and the Landowner

Article Contributed by Steve Sorensen Although no one likes stories that begin “When I was a kid...” I’ll say it anyway. When I was a kid...

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