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Steve Sorensen of Russell, PA is an award-winning outdoor writer whose column, The Everyday Hunter®, offers hunting tips, strategies, and insights on how to think about hunting. His byline has appeared in the nation’s top hunting magazines including Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Deer & Deer Hunting, Pennsylvania Game News, Fur-Fish-Game, North American Whitetail, Bear Hunting Magazine and more. He contributes regular website content to Legendary Whitetails and Havalon Knives and is a field editor for Deer Hunters Online. Steve is also in demand as an event speaker, presenting programs on do-it-yourself Alaska moose hunting, whitetail deer, wild turkeys, and eastern coyotes, with new programs coming. E-mail him at EverydayHunter@gmail.com to invite him to speak at your next sportsmen’s dinner (or to tell him where your best hunting spot is).

A Woefully Inefficient Predator

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen A couple of weeks ago I was on I-80 in Pennsylvania and saw a hawk dive-bomb something just a few feet from...

Mid-Season Is No Time for Turkey Hunters to Quit

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Years ago, I carried a big jake into a local sporting goods store on May 15 to have him weighed. As he...

Daniel Boone’s Turkey Hunt Video

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Have you heard the story about Daniel Boone’s Kentucky turkey hunt, way back in the spring of 1771? He called in a...

Love and War (in the Turkey Woods)

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Love. War. When it comes to calling spring gobblers, those two words sum up the season. Most of us forget about the war...

The World’s Best Shed Antler Hunter

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen I have come to the conclusion that I’m the best shed antler hunter in North America. Maybe the world. My world, anyway—no...

Why Most Bucks Don’t Get Big

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Most of the deer we hunt are young deer. Only one percent of whitetail bucks ever get older than 8½ years. That’s...

My Favorite Deer Cartridge — the 7mm-08

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen My favorite cartridge has changed over the years At the age of 12 I started hunting with a low-budget rifle, the Savage Model...

Who Is Your Hunting Hero?

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen In some ways the outdoor world is a lot like Hollywood. People are working hard to become celebrities in the hunting and...

Four Truth Bombs About Coyotes

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen I saw my first eastern coyote in Maine in 1982. I killed my first one a couple of years later in Pennsylvania....

When Your Deer Processor Closes Shop – What Then?

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Good venison starts with your knife. If you filled a tag this year, you probably headed for a local deer processor. He probably...

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