Who Pays for Wildlife?

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Strangely, those of us who hunt spring turkeys feel as though we have lots of competition. I say “strangely” because here in the northeast, according to a study by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, only 14% of licensed hunters target spring gobblers,. Compare that to 78% of the hunters who target […]

How to Avoid Trouble with Hens

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen If you can’t beat the hens, here are three ways to join them. It’s going to happen again – too many hens for the gobblers to get lonely. Hunters complain year after year that gobblers are “henned-up” and won’t respond to a call. That can be a problem, but it doesn’t […]

Why We Don’t Find More Shed Antlers

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen People think I’m an expert hunter because I write about hunting for newspapers and magazines. I never claim to be, and that’s one reason this column is called “The Everyday Hunter” and not “The Expert Hunter.” One place where I’m no expert is in finding shed antlers. I don’t find many, […]

The Rising Cost of a Hunting License

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen I confess. I’ll go along with the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s desire to increase the cost of a hunting license. I’m frugal. I don’t like rising prices. So why am I willing to pay more for my hunting privileges? Especially when New York State decreased license fees virtually across-the-board in 2014? I […]

If There Be Mountain Lions in These Hills!

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Lots of people say mountain lions roam Pennsylvania and New York. Stories emerge from the Adirondacks, from northern Pennsylvania, and from other remote places, and so far they’ve been impossible to prove. People have sent me photos that supposedly show mountain lions in both states, but the photos have never shown […]

The February Turkey Hunter

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen It’s not too early to start looking for the place where you’ll tie your tag to the leg of a longbeard this spring. Hunters who enjoy success year after year are already beginning to scout. You should too if you want to increase your odds of success. You’ll often find spring […]

Don’t Be Fooled

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen Now that Old Man Winter has finally wrapped us in his bitter blanket of snow, we’re burning our firewood, using our snow shovels, fretting about frozen pipes and watching our heat bills climb. While the promise of Groundhog Day isn’t far away, we know what that promise will be. Whether or […]

What Is Taxidermy?

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen In the modern world we often hear people talk about topics they know nothing about. One of those topics is taxidermy. Taxidermy is the removal of the skin of an animal, preserving it, and using it to recreate the lifelike appearance of the animal. An obvious reason for doing this is […]