Giving Time Away

A popular Christian magazine called Christian Century recently highlighted a surprising study (May 2, 2012). According to the study, people who gave away their time, generally found they had more of it. I know, sounds crazy. I found it so hard to believe that I had to go look for myself. When I looked I […]

Three Week Old Daughter

Tomorrow my daughter will turn three weeks old. They grow up so fast. Just yesterday I was counting her age in days—on to weeks already! Before I know it we will be counting in months… then years… yikes. Even with that said, I hardly needed her age to remind me she is getting bigger. Every […]

Good Wins

Good Wins

“Good Wins! Good Wins! Good Wins!” Such were the tweets and posts that littered my social media walls following the Denver Broncos most recent routing of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tim Tebow’s story this season has been exciting and even inspirational to watch. They (I) counted this guy out. We said he wasn’t good enough. We […]

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