The Bible

Are you watching The Bible on the History Channel? Well, if you aren’t you are sorely missing out, and you might be alone. So far this year The Bible is the #1 show on television. Somehow it even had more viewers than the Walking Dead last Sunday night (figure that one out). The 10-hour special […]

Faith Matters – Hopeful

It’s official: I’m over winter. If I didn’t realize it before, my recent excursion to Myrtle Beach with a dozen other Lutheran pastors from across the United States sealed the deal. Five rounds of golf in four days will do that to a guy. Unfortunately for me, however, winter’s not through with us. Not yet. […]

On The 13th Day

Last Sunday morning millions of children around the world woke up to find presents not under their Christmas tree, but under their shoes! Seriously, and it only means one thing: the Three Kings were in town. The 12 days of Christmas may come with their presents, but the 13th day after Christmas means the wise […]

Faith Matters – Oct. 29, 2012

A Changing Day For at least the last 495 years October 31 has held a different significance in the life of the church than in, say, popular culture. On that date in 1517 Martin Luther (not the King), posted 95 problems with the church on a church door in a German town called Wittenberg. While […]

Faith Matters: La Frontera

Just yesterday Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center (LCLC) kicked off another summer of outdoor ministry in Western New York. On Sunday afternoon youth traveled hundreds of miles to put aside their cell phones, turn off their video games, move away from their televisions and take in the great outdoors. Thinking about their trip down the gravel […]

Faith Matters – May 21, 2012

Yesterday on my way to a funeral I dropped my car off at the mechanic.  Making small talk this morning when I picked it up, my mechanic said, “Sometimes I bet you wish your schedule was full of the more fun and joyful stuff like weddings, don’t you?” “That would be nice,” I lied in […]

Giving Time Away

A popular Christian magazine called Christian Century recently highlighted a surprising study (May 2, 2012). According to the study, people who gave away their time, generally found they had more of it. I know, sounds crazy. I found it so hard to believe that I had to go look for myself. When I looked I […]

Three Week Old Daughter

Tomorrow my daughter will turn three weeks old. They grow up so fast. Just yesterday I was counting her age in days—on to weeks already! Before I know it we will be counting in months… then years… yikes. Even with that said, I hardly needed her age to remind me she is getting bigger. Every […]