Faith Matters: Questions

We all have questions. This was never clearer to me than during a confirmation class last year. See, a typical confirmation class involves me asking a question which is usually followed by awkward silence. Then, if I’m lucky I might get a three to four word answer from a reluctant student. But there was one […]

Faith Matters: Aug. 27, 2012

Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!” Psalm 66:2a On my final day of class in seminary, one of my favorite professors said, “Prepare yourselves, future pastors! Your job will take you to the front lines of ministry. You will witness firsthand what God is up to in this world.” He was right. Over […]

God loves you, Love one another

God loves you. Love one another. There’s a story about a pastor who stood up in front of his church to deliver a sermon and he said, “God loves you. Love one another.” As he sat down, the congregation smiled and said, “Amen!” The next week the same pastor got up to preach. He went […]

This Day?

I try to read the Bible every day. And most days my time spent in scripture is uplifting and instructive. Today was not one of those days. You see, I’ve been stressed. Not only is this a crazy time of year for pastors, but this was the week my wife returned to work after her […]

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