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Katrina has been writing since middle school, her first projects being poetry and prose. During her high school years, she volunteered her writing skills to both the “JHS Press” and “Lyrics of Life”. Devoting over two years, she also penned feature articles for the ‘Student Path’s newspaper. Although coffee is her business, writing is her passion. She has a wonderful family, loves helping people, and enjoys a good book. (Or several, if on hand.)

AJ’s Texas Hots

Glass glitters in the sunlight, as noon approaches and the lunch rush begins. The scent of fresh cut onions and hot, homemade sauce greets...

Hometown Grill

Upon entering the door, a brilliantly painted rooster grins, welcoming patrons into his humble abode. Rows of booths, comfortable tables, and a wrap around...

Persuading the Ents

Warning: This is not a warm and fuzzy, folks. The modern housewife is going to get serious. If you are looking for my folksy,...

Darkness: An Uncommon Ally

Contributing Writer Katrina Fuller When I was a kid, I was so afraid of the darkness that I would have to leave my bedroom door open...

The Pub

Article by Katrina Fuller Crimson brick and glowing glass meets eye of patrons as they enter, a familiar sight in the heart of downtown Jamestown. Through...

Fralick Chiropractic

Article by Katrina Fuller A comforting ride past fields of corn, country homes, and scenic stands of trees leads into the warm heart of Warren, Pa....

Active Waiting

Contributing Writer Katrina Fuller It is often said that good things come to those who wait. I have much experience with this. I waited nine swollen,...

Wired on Main

Article by Katrina Fuller Peals of laughter greet people passing by, wafting in joyous waves from the rustic porch. Couples, families, loners and more call this...

Sherman Hardware

Article by Katrina Fuller A sign, bedecked with saws, saw blades, and a smattering of other tools hangs from the rafters of the store front. Light...

Dresses: Strength and Beauty

Contributing Writer Katrina Fuller I bought a dress today, dear readers. It was a vision in cranberry, a vivid, full-skirted thing I had not seen the...

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