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Natural Home Remedies

Contributing Writer Jeffrey Barkstrom What to do when you can't get to a Doctor. I thought I'd put together a simple list of things you can...

Intermittent Fasting

Contributing Writer Jeffrey Barkstrom Human beings up until recently have always experienced times of feast and famine. As Americans, we are very lucky in that we...

Enjoying a Stress Free Holiday

Contributing Writer Jeffrey Barkstrom, LAC A not so fun fact is that around the winter holidays, illness, heart attacks and deaths all increase. It's estimated that...

Whole Food vs Synthetic Vitamins

Contributing Writer Jeffrey Barkstrom, LAC You may be asking yourself if you need to take vitamins. The answer is a definite yes but you should be...

Self Help for Osteoporosis

  Contributing Writer Jeffrey Barkstrom, LAC A hot topic among my patients is Osteoporosis. Everyone is worried about hip fractures and bone loss. A broken hip can...

The Hidden Secret to Handling Stress

Contributing Writer Jeffrey Barkstrom, LAC Stress seems to affect everyone. Our lives are getting busier every day. A recent study estimated that three out of four...

How Much is Too Much?

Contributing Writer Jeffrey Barkstrom At a talk I gave last night, I was asked “how much sugar is too much.” This is a common question I...

Easy Weight Loss

Contributing Writer Jeffrey Barkstrom The most frequent question I am asked in my practice is: How can I lose weight? Well, there is a scientifically simple,...

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