Faith Matters: Optimism vs. Hope

By Rev. Eric M. Williams I am by nature an optimistic person with an optimistic view of human nature. I hope for the best in life and in other people. Recently, that has been a pretty tough view to sustain. We have been inundated with stories about people in all walks of life acting badly: […]

Seven Students Graduate From WCA Hospital School of Medical Technology

JAMESTOWN – Seven students from the WCA Hospital School of Medical Technology received their certificates and graduation pins at a special graduation ceremony held in their honor at the WCA Hospital Auditorium July 13. The Class of 2012 Graduates are: Christine Chudzinski (Albany, NY), graduate of Canisius College; Laura Kobielski (Sherman, NY), graduate of SUNY […]

Sandberg Kessler Architecture and Engineering, P.C. Announce Project Engineer

JAMESTOWN – Sandberg Kessler Architecture & Engineering, P.C. announces the promotion of Jeffrey S. Nagle to the position of Project Engineer. Having successfully completed the Professional Engineering Exam, he has received professional registration in New York State. As a Project Engineer, he will move into a leadership role in the firm’s mechanical / electrical engineering […]

Community Foundation Grants $30,000 to Untangle Weeds

LAKEWOOD, N.Y. –  Members of the Chautauqua Lake Association have battled green all summer as they have been busy harvesting the weeds that accumulate around Lake Chautauqua. With help from the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation in the form of a $30,000 Community Service Grant, this type of green is a lot more manageable. “A grant […]

August Mini-Space Camps To Be Offered

JAMESTOWN – NASA’s most advanced planetary rover, Curiosity is on a precise course to an Aug. 6 landing in the Gale Crater on Mars. Getting to the surface will not be easy. It is the hardest NASA mission ever attempted. Also called the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) is a precursor for future human missions to […]

Global Business in our Own Backyard: JBC Bachelor Degree Students Tour TitanX

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown Business College (JBC) students recently left the walls of their classroom behind to tour TitanX, an international supplier of medium and heavy duty diesel engine cooling solutions. As part of the visit, students from JBC’s Global Business Perspectives class received a first-hand look into how a Jamestown-based plant conducts business across national […]

Faith Matters: July 16, 2012

By Eric Williams My daughter recently returned from a week at summer camp. She had a wonderful time doing all the traditional camp activities–bonfires, singing silly songs, swimming in the lake, making boondoggles–and she learned a lot about God as well. But one of the best parts of camp from my perspective was that she had to […]