Preserve Your Memories: Guys and Dolls Dance Studio

Article Contributed by Beth Peyton It’s about more than dancing. When you walk into the Guys and Dolls Dance Studio at 1390 Peck Settlement Road in Jamestown, NY, a life-size cut-out of Elvis invites you to “Come in, we’re OPEN.” Open for Business has been the key to success at the studio for 55 years. […]

A Century of Service in Sherman: Farmers Mill, Inc.

Article Contributed by Beth Peyton Even though Ron Meeder says there are people in Sherman, NY who don’t know it exists, Farmers Mill, Inc., located just off the beaten path on Kendrick Street, is about to celebrate its 100th Anniversary. A hundred years ago, Farmers Mill was incorporated to provide area dairy farmers more leverage […]

Loomis Landscaping

Heroes and Villains Article Contributed by Beth Peyton The Loomis Gang is on the rise again, this time in Maple Springs. But they’re not stealing horses, making counterfeit money or burglarizing homes like their distant ancestors did in central New York during the 19th century. They’re taking care of their neighbors around the lake. Bill […]

Johnny’s Lunch

It’s Lovely Rice Pudding Article Contributed by Beth Peyton The rice is tender, but has a little snap. Suspended in silky custard, with a dusting of cinnamon on top, it’s not too sweet. It’s just about right. Dianne Calamunci started working at Johnny’s Lunch when she was a child. Her parents, Johnny and Minnie Colera, […]

Unlocking the Puzzle at Austin Works

Article Contributed by Beth Peyton Nancy Stang has physical therapy skills, safe cracking skills, an old dog named Bee and a commitment to providing good service at a fair price. She’s everyone’s favorite locksmith at Austin Works, located at 167 E. Fairmount Avenue in Lakewood, NY. The fact that she is the only locksmith at […]

Hall and Laury Opticians

Hall and Laury Opticians

The Eyes Have It Article Contributed by Beth Peyton One funny thing about Hall and Laury Opticians, located in the shopping center at 707 Fairmount Avenue, is that Gary Nelson is the “Hall” part of Hall and Laury. And Arthur Laury, the other partner, prefers to be called “Ted.” The other funny thing is Gary […]


Article Contributed by Beth Peyton The three partners behind LOUD Performance Products at 4818 Route 430 in Maple Springs like things loud. And fast. They like things bold, bright and a little funky. The friends have very diverse backgrounds, but snowmobiling brought them together. Casey Mulkins is a native of Mayville, New York, and has […]

Support Enterprises

“All Sewn Up” Article Contributed by Beth Peyton The management team at Support Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) is thorough, thoughtful, and understated. Michael Suppa, Vice President of Operations for Filling The Gap (a group of companies that directly or indirectly supports the work of the Resource Center), along with Jeremy Weilacher, SEI Prototype and Design Manager, […]

You Must Change Your Life: Woodscapes by Wefing

Article Contributed by Beth Peyton “You did that!?” is a frequent reaction Greg Wefing gets from people who know him as a house painter, a neighbor, a father or a Steelers fan. In his man cave, the basement of his house in Maple Springs, stunning woodscapes are stacked against the walls of his workshop. A […]

Clearwater Aquarium

“Fish, and a Whole Lot More.” Article Contributed by Beth Peyton Customers of Clearwater Aquarium and Pet Supply selected the slogan for this boutique pet store located on Washington Street in Fluvanna: “Where Pets Go to Do Their Business.” But the people at Clearwater Aquarium know the business of pets, too. “People think we’re just […]