63rd Annual Woman of the Year Honor Awarded to Beth Trosper

Previous recipients at the 63rd annual Woman of the Year banquet held on Monday. Beth Trosper was named the 2019 recipient of the award. Pictured in front, from left, are June Diethrick (2005 winner), Trosper (2019), Charlotte Carlson (2004), Lillian Ney (2003). Pictured in back, from left, are Janet Forbes (2017), Marcia Bliss (2012), Carol Drake (2016,) Amy Bellardo ((2014).

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Jamestown Gazette Staff

On Monday, March 25, Bethany “Beth” Jane Hoover Trosper of Bemus Point was awarded the 2018 Woman of the Year Honor, the 63rd such annual award presented by the Jamestown Interclub Council. The award was presented by Master of Ceremonies Russell E. Diethrick at a banquet hosted by the Elizabeth Warner Marvin Community House in Jamestown.

Though raised in Cohocton, NY, Beth Trosper’s career included many years as an elementary School teacher in Indiana and Illinois, as founder and teacher of a pre-school in Illinois, and a supervisor and caseworker at the Illinois Department of Human Services through 2001.

Returning to New York with her husband, David, Beth became deeply involved in membership, leadership, and growth of many educational, civic and church programs. She is also a former president of the board of directors and a current member of trustees at the Marvin House.

In support of Beth’s award, Sue Schifano, Chair of the Selection Committee of the Jamestown Interclub Council and Rosemary Lombardo, President of the Marvin House said, “Both her energies and her talents continue to inspire and amaze us…” further citing “…her awareness of and devotion to this community and its needs…”

Special congratulations and expressions of their admiration were also sent by NY State Assemblyman Andrew Goodell, past-State Senator Catherine Young, Congressman Tom Reed, and Jamestown Mayor, Sam Teresi.

“She never seems to run out of good things to do for others,” Schifano and Lombardo added, “whether they are groups or individuals, and her energy is unlimited…we have observed over a period of time that Beth is consistently far and above expectations in her energy, her ideas, and her generosity.”

Beth Trosper joins a long heritage of leading and outstanding women who have contributed greatly to the well being and advancement of greater Jamestown and Chautauqua county. The Jamestown Gazette joins all in their congratulations.