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14th Scandinavian Folk Festival: Come Celebrate Mid-Summer

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut Summer is a wonderful time for the Nordic people who live through long, dark winters up near the Arctic Circle,” said Don Sandy, returning once again as coordinator with his passionate team of organizers to stage the 14th Annual Scandinavian Festival. “We meet every month all year long,” Sandy explained. […]

Campground Staycations: Far Away is Close to Home

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut “We meet the most wonderful people,” said Teresa Mazzurco, owner with her husband Carmello, of the scenic Bella Vista Campground in the scenic hills of Kennedy, New York. “We really like the people who come to stay with us.” With rising gas prices and tighter budgets, they know more families […]

Great Jamestown RiverWalk Festival

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer The sidewalk along the Chadakoin will be bustling Sunday, June 28 with food vendors, crafters, games and educational experiences. Jamestown Now, along with the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation, Cummins Engine and Southern Tier Brewing Company are sponsoring the first annual Great Jamestown RiverWalk Festival from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. “The […]

Amphitheater Controversy Ramps Up: Pros and Cons Debated

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut “We want to have a Chautauqua style discussion where everybody has all the information and can make a good decision from there,” George Murphy, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Chautauqua Institution told an interviewer recently. Murphy was answering questions about the controversy over the proposed renovation or replacement […]

Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet: Spring Gala Takes the Stage

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut “We’re doing great things here,” Monika Alch told a recent visitor to Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet’s new studios in Willow Bay at 21 3rd Street in downtown Jamestown. Alch spoke about this year’s Spring Gala Performance with the cheerful kind of enthusiasm that has made her such a popular and […]

Jamestown Farmers Market: Eat Fresh, Shop Local

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut Continuing a great tradition, Chautauqua County’s farmers, local entertainers, lunch vendors and crafters will once again turn Downtown Jamestown into a sidewalk bazaar and a shopper-friendly streetside mall. “It’s the place to be, rain or shine,” according to Christina King, farmers market manager for the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation. All summer […]

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  • I Can’t Help But Wonder…

    Contributing Writer Pastor Scott Hannon St. John Lutheran Church Amherst, NY So, I’m by myself in Philadelphia, at a tavern waaaaaaaaay too hip for me. I’m trying to put a little grub in my belly before heading back to my “prison cell” for a few hours of reading and writing. I am in Philadelphia working […]

  • Where Memory Lane Leads…

    Where Memory Lane Leads…

    It has been said, “All roads lead to Rome.” As a matter of fact there was a time in the history of the Western World when that was almost literally true. All the empire’s roads radiated out to the provinces from the capital city of Rome. A few of those two thousand-year-old roman roads and […]

  • Whose Briefcase?

    Contributing Writer Pastor Shawn Hannon Hope Lutheran Church Arcade, NY I caught a show a couple of weeks ago on CBS that immediately grabbed my attention. Perhaps you’ve seen it. It’s called “The Briefcase.” This is how it works. Two couples are given $100,000 with a simple set of instructions: keep the money or share […]

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