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Thanksgiving Becomes About Giving Back

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut Americans will celebrate our traditional day of giving thanks this week on Thanksgiving Day, 2015. Next we will celebrate our two holidays of great deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some people call it a joyful season for Thanks and Getting. Old Idea – New Holiday Now we have a […]

Forecast for Deer Season

Article Contributed by Steve Sorensen Rain, snow, wind, sun… we’re likely to have it all in western New York during the three week firearms season for deer. You can’t do anything about the weather except to prepare for whatever comes, which makes warm waterproof clothing and insulated boots hot commodities at the sporting goods stores. […]

Chautauqua Backroad Adventures

Article Contributed by Mark Baldwin Western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania encompass some of the natural world’s richest terrain. They share an inland seacoast hemmed with bluffs of shale formed when this part of the globe was a tropical sea floor in the southern hemisphere. Then enter one of North America’s most bountiful grape growing […]

Chautauqua County’s New LEAF

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut Chautauqua County is home to more than 1,500 farms, the most productive farming County in the entire state of New York. More than 98% of them are family owned. Not even the city dwellers live more than a few minutes away from a good, well run, productive farm. The Gateway […]

Election 2015: Unopposed Candidates Create Unique Opportunities

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut Among Chautauqua County’s roughly 80,000 registered voters, about 20,000 will vote on ballots this year with unopposed candidates in critical positions, according to Brian C. Abram, Chautauqua County Board of Elections co-commissioner. “This year is unique in that respect.” According to members of the Board of Elections, unopposed candidates can […]

Make a Difference Day: A Clean Sweep for Local Volunteers

  Article Contributed by Walt Pickut Saturday, October 24th is National Make a Difference Day every year. The fourth Saturday of every October is devoted to helping others by doing volunteer work in the community. This Saturday, millions of Americans will take part in community improvement projects of just about every imaginable kind in neighborhoods, […]