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Everybody’s Job: Community Drug Forum Reconvenes

Article by Walt Pickut “Everybody has a play in this,” Chautauqua County Executive, Vince Horrigan, said in planning for this week’s follow-up to last month’s Community Drug Forum, which is slated for Thursday, April 24. “Citizens are getting involved more than ever. We will now be setting up a Steering Committee to find gaps in […]

Lucy Fest 2014 – Jamestown: Capital City of Comedy

Article by Walt Pickut The biggest names in comedy come to Jamestown every year because Jamestown is now the place to go for comedy in America. “We’ve gained a reputation with the country’s best comics for filling theaters, for great crowds and for audiences that love the comedians’ best, new material,” Journey Gunderson, Executive Director […]

Presidential Health Proclamation One Year On: Good News Highlighted

Article by Walt Pickut For more than a decade, health conscious Americans have seen long term survival rates climb higher and higher, the overall cancer death rate drop lower and lower and advances in treatment surge ahead with each passing year. April 2014 marks the first anniversary of the Presidential Proclamation of National Cancer Control […]

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour: Bringing the Extraordinary to Jamestown, NY

  Article by Katrina Fuller The lights dim, casting a wave of darkness and exhilaration over the audience. Anticipation is thick, building rapidly through the quiet. In a flash, brilliant visuals enmeshed with powerful music hit the screen, an awesome experience to behold. The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour makes its way to the […]

Chautauqua Striders: Making Strides Towards Tomorrow

Article by Katrina Fuller A winding staircase climbs two floors towards an arena of hope and success. Inside, youths pour over their homework with the help of expert tutors, an aura of hard work and aspirations drifting through the quiet. Though the corridor takes the guise of a series of offices and an open study […]

The Sweetness of Spring: Spring Starts with Maple Weekends

  Article by Walt Pickut   Local farmers with a sugarbush to tap usually start harvesting their season’s Maple syrup crop long before spring arrives. The sweet and savory sap of the sugar maple tree normally begins to flow when mid-winter’s freezing nights yield to the first few warm days. Few winters in recent memory, […]

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Giancarlo (Michael) Stanton

    Plethora of Former Jammers Enjoying Success in Major Leagues

    Contributing Writer Cory Crandall What better way to prepare for the Jamestown Jammers home opener June 13th, than by looking at current major leaguers who used to call Jamestown home? Leading up to the Jammers 2014 season, on a weekly basis, the Jamestown Gazette will highlight a current player in the MLB who once grew [...]

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Heritage Village Retirement Campus, located in Gerry, New York, is constructing a Hydroponic garden just in time for Earth Day.

    Earth Day on the Heritage Village Retirement Campus

    Article Contributed by Heritage The stories of rebirth and renewal are all around us. As Earth Day approaches, Heritage Ministries has a special resident who has been preparing for this holiday since the winter. Arthur (Art) Martinson, of Schwab Manor on the Heritage Village Retirement Campus located in Gerry, New York, has been hard at [...]

  • Writing About Family: Difficult to Capture

    Contributing Writer Katrina Fuller I don’t often write about my family of origin. I mean, I tell little stories here and there, usually something that reminds me of a general idea I want to convey…but seldom are my writings solely about my family. I’m not really sure why that is; I spent a good amount [...]

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