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Tourism Takes Wings in Chautauqua County

Article by Walt Pickut   Tourism brings at least $190 million into Chautauqua County every year according to Andrew Nixon, executive director of Tour Chautauqua. “It’s hard to count tourists precisely, because they go so many places when they come here,” Nixon explained, “but it’s probably a few 100,000.” Summer of 2014 has been a […]

Jamestown Brings Back the Wild, Wild West

Article by Walt Pickut Buffalo Bill Cody brought his globe circling Wild West show tour to Jamestown and set up camp here at least seven times. Each time, he performed for the town with his thousand-strong posse of horse-riding, trick-roping and sharp shooting cowboys and Indians. This week Buffalo Bill’s family is coming back! “Jamestown […]

Summertime in Warren

Article by Walt Pickut Take a walk through the wilds on a sunny summer afternoon…the Pennsylvania Wilds, that is, in the heart of Warren County, PA. “Warren is a great place to work and live or just to visit and spend some time,” said John Papalia, Director of the Council on Tourism for Warren County. […]

Neighborhood Sweeps: Focusing on the Community

Article by Katrina Fuller From dilapidated buildings to overgrown eyesores, the Jamestown Department of Development is focusing in on its neighborhoods in efforts to clean up the city. Reinstating the Neighborhood Impact Inspection Program, inspectors are hitting the streets to address code violations and safety issues. According to the Department of Development, the renewal of […]

Staycation: the Ultimate Paradise

Article by Katrina Fuller Just Imagine Sunlight glints off the waves of a crystalline ocean, seagulls rasp their salty songs, and drinks dressed up with umbrellas and the faint scent of rum are enjoyed during the annual escape many hard working Americans take during the summer. Vacation – the definition of the word stretches from […]

Frewsburg Celebrates! Old Home Week

Article by Walt Pickut Everybody is invited to the 90th annual hometown gala in Frewsburg! New carnival attractions, the famous beer batter fish fry and lots more firemen’s food, fireworks, a beer tent, the hour-long Grand Parade with fife & drums, Frewsburg’s newest fire trucks and about 30 more from neighboring towns, the always fun […]

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  • How to Lose 10lb. in a Month and Keep it Off!

    Contributing Writer Carolyn Wilcox V.I.E. Fitness Owner We have all heard the saying “80% diet, 20% exercise” is what it takes to reach and stay in our healthy weight zone. Eating a good balance of healthy carbs, protein and fats and treats in moderation is a choice you make for yourself and your loved ones. [...]

  • Weeds and Wheat

    Contributing Writer Pastor Shawn Hannon Hope Lutheran Church, Arcade, NY As you have no doubt realized by now (unless this is your first week reading, of course), my brother Scott and I are identical twins. When people find out we are twins the very first question they ask is, “Can you tell the difference?” In [...]

  • You…  the Tourist Attraction

    You… the Tourist Attraction

    A couple of hundred thousand people every year come to visit us. They leave nearly $200 million in our pocket… Our collective pocket, that is. I am talking about all of us in Chautauqua County. Isn’t it nice to be popular? We call those generous people, “Tourists.” They like us. But did you ever wonder [...]

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