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Chautauqua Rowers Mark First 10 Years: Famed Adventurer Joins Celebration

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut “We all have something that seems out of reach,” Katie Spotz told attendees at a recent TED conference in Dallas, Texas. “Realize that it is possible if you just take one step after another. Whatever you do, just take that first step.” With those words to propel her – along […]

Made in America: Chautauqua County Builds the Future

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut “It has been said that the greatest thing America makes is Americans. The ability of average Americans to adapt, innovate and thrive has created one of the greatest civilizations in human history,” according to Vincent Vittorio, Director/Producer of the acclaimed “American Made Movie”, slated for a February 4 screening at […]

Good Business Makes Good Neighbors

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut It’s a recurring theme in Jamestown: cooperation builds community. The best businesses in town are proving that collaboration trumps competition, profiting from the ancient adage, “A rising tide raises all boats.” All across Jamestown old buildings are being renovated and repurposed by new industries, new entrepreneurs and ideas are replacing […]

Open Doors Invites Guests: Sampling Jamestown’s Best

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut The City of Jamestown once again opens its doors. Doors Open Jamestown (DOJ) welcomes new friends and old to sample its finest wares, special attractions and culinary delights on Saturday, January 16 between 10 am and 5 pm. In addition to the 16 venues and attractions (six typical examples are […]

Chautauqua 2016: A Promise of Good Work

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut “Some fantastic things are coming up for our workforce,” said Lisa Melquist, recruitment coordinator for Jamestown’s Resource Center, one of Chautauqua County’s largest businesses, employing more than 1000 local workers. Melquist echoed many of the county’s most important employers and political leaders in her optimism about job prospects for 2016. […]

Peace On Earth

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut The Greater Jamestown region and all of Chautauqua County share two attractions that draw tourists and new residents to the area all year long. The first, a popular boost to the local economy, is the county’s winter wonderland of skiing and snow sports. The second great attraction is the county’s […]